Shoderee Ranch

A few comments from our customers about Shoderee Prime Meats...

The beef is beautiful, lean and flavourful! Absolutely convenient when you have hand delivered it! I am thankful I touched base and received the beef from you, healthy happy animals make all the difference.
I will be sharing your site with friends :)
Thank you again, 
Laurie P

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I was so pleasantly surprised by the amount and variety of the box. We’ve only tried one pack of steak so far and the flavour was unreal. Amazing quality, keep up the great work!! 
Kim and Family

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We turned a Pork and Bean supper into aCustomer testimonial - Shoderee Ranch Gourmet meal. All we had to do was add two Shoderee Prime Meats steaks to it. It was unreal flavour and so tender.
Rod and Susan

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I received my Range Ward Christmas present a couple weeks ago and was so happy to find a Shoderee meat package!  My wife Jamie and I have already had two wonderful steak meals, and I am looking forward to a roast and big pot of beef barley soup! All the craziness going on around us has shown me how important it is to support our local Producers. So glad to have been introduced to Shoderee!

Neil Thorsteinson